Why are so Many Businesses Still Scared of the Cloud?

Just because everyone is moving, should you?

Cloud computing involves using a network of servers that are hosted online to store, process and manage data instead of using a computer’s hard drive or a local server. While this practice has become immensely popular over the past few years, many businesses are still afraid of changing over to using this system to store their confidential data for various reasons. 

Security Concerns
Many businesses want to know if it will be possible for other parties to access their data if it has been stored on the cloud. However, in most cases, cloud hosts will be using the most up to date firewalls, security patches and load-balancing systems possible to ensure that everyone’s data remains as safe and confidential as possible. Moving information and work processes to cloud-based solutions will enable on-site IT departments to focus more on overseeing on-site security protocols.

They’re Afraid of Losing Control
When a company’s computer network goes down for any reason, the IT department usually bears the brunt of everyone’s frustrations. As a result, these professionals end up feeling somewhat apprehensive when it comes to handing over responsibility for ‘their networks’ to a company or third party that they don’t really know. They may wonder who deals with making decisions pertaining to who decides what hardware and software to purchase or what action will be taken in the event of a network issue or hard drive failure occurring. 

Concerns of Being Tied to One Provider
Another concern voiced by many businesses regarding cloud computing is that they are afraid that they will be tied into using one particular service provider because they may have been required to sign a contract or their software has been developed around a particular form of architecture. They want to know that they will have the option of changing providers in the event that they experience bad service in any way. However, this should no longer be a concern for businesses, as most cloud providers are normally willing to provide short-term or even pay as you go options, which provide users with the flexibility they require.

At VEI we think there is a right solution for everyone.  Sometimes the cloud works for your data and business model and sometimes it does not.  A dedicated server farm, virtual teams, experts on-staff or service contracts with vendors are all good solutions.  The cloud is maturing and many of these concerns will be addressed in the next couple years.  If you want to know more, talk to us.  We have experience with moving organizations to Google Apps and Office 365.  We are also one of the few companies that performs back migrations; migrating from the cloud back to on-premise.