The value of Proactive Monitoring

Focused System Monitoring

We monitor the performance of each server, including memory, CPU utilization and storage.  If there is an outage or decrease in performance (such as a full hard drive or spike in CPU use) we notify you immediately and make our support team aware of the issue.  We also track the performance and provide historical graphs and logs, plus weekly reports.  This affordable service offering gives an organization a good general picture of their server health and historical records can be crucial in budgetary planning and expenditure justification.  System monitoring has optional Comprehensive Incident Response which frees up your IT staff from daily firefighting.

We also provide this service for your mission critical desktop systems at a reduced price.


Proactive Application Monitoring

Servers provide critical applications to your end users such as email, databases or directory services.  Application performance is not always directly tied to system hardware performance.  For example, Exchange servers will always have high memory utilization without incurring a performance penalty.  Conversely, they can grind to a halt under a heavy spam load without spiking CPU utilization.  in another example, Active Directory can experience replication errors due to network issues which are outside the server but that directly impact your users ability to logon.  Our intelligent agents monitor the internal performance of the application independent of the server's general performance.  In all three cases, you can see a potential issue before it gets out of control.  Combined with User Experience Modeling, this allows us to provide a constant health check for your critical applications and historical data for planning and incident response.

Proactive Application Monitoring includes Focused System Monitoring. In addition to weekly reports and trending data, Proactive Monitoring gives you access to real-time data in our customer portal and the option of Comprehensive Incident Response.