Microsoft keeps improving Hyper-V. Is moving away from VMWare becoming more compelling?

Is moving away from VMWare becoming more compelling?  Microsoft continues to make improvements in the Hyper-V offering and infrastructure stack.  Windows 2016 looks like it will bring more capabilities and improved management.  This is great news for organizations that need to divest themselves of expensive annual support costs or are considering going to the cloud for cost reasons but want to keep important data close to home.

  1. Rolling upgrades for Hyper-V and scale-out file server clusters for faster adoption of new operating systems
  2. Functionality for hot add and remove memory and NIC, reducing downtime
  3. Virtual machine compute resiliency, so that virtual machines continue running even if the compute cluster fabric service fails
  4. Nano Server, a deeply refactored version of Windows Server with a small footprint and remotely managed installation, optimized for the cloud and a DevOps workflow

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