How Businesses Lose Productivity by Not Using Collaboration Tools like Shared Documents

Many businesses seem reluctant to implement the use of collaboration tools because they feel that it will present too much of a learning curve and waste time. However, this could not be further from the truth because they have in fact been developed to help businesses and employees work smarter and get more done each day. There are many ways in which the refusal to use collaboration tools can affect productivity levels.

Projects Take Longer to Complete
When collaboration tools like shared documents are not being used, it means that employees have to partake in face to face meetings, deal with endless email chains or endure long telephonic conversations in order to communicate with each other. This is not only frustrating for employees; it can result in projects taking far longer to complete than necessary as well. However, when using an online shared document system, everyone who needs to have access to specific information can access it at the same time.

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Accountability Levels are compromised
In cases where a single piece of information has to be passed from one employee to another instead of being made available in a central location, it increases the chances of employees blaming logistical issues when their productivity levels have not been up to standard. For example, if they have not done their share of work for a project and this is queried, some of the most commonly used excuses for this are usually, “The email hasn’t arrived yet,” or “I’m still waiting for them to call me.” Using cloud-based shared document systems can prevent all of this from happening.

Quality of Work is affected
Employees who have to spend hours requesting and searching for information can become frustrated and disheartened, which will in turn affect the quality of work that they turn out. However, when everything they need to complete a project has been collaborated, it will enable them to get the job done quicker and easier than before. This can also result in work being completed late and/or being of a poor quality, which will have a negative effect when the time comes for clients to decide whether they want to continue working with a particular company or not.

Money is Lost
In addition to overall productivity levels being affected, businesses who have not embraced the use of collaborations tools and software could find themselves losing a lot of money. This is especially true in cases where they may be making use of freelancers – who normally charge a fixed hourly rate for their services (or part thereof). Storing the information needed to complete projects in a single location that is easily accessible may cost a little money each month, but the long term savings that will be experienced will far outweigh this cost.
If you are a business owner who has become frustrated because projects are taking too long to complete as a result of information not being readily available to everyone who needs it, contact us to find out how you will be able to benefit from our collaboration solutions.