I need to prove to my boss that we need to upgrade our systems.  How long do you keep the data?

We keep data forever for a paying account.  Data is deleted 45 days after a subscription is canceled.  If you had to cancel but come back, your data will still be there!

Why should I use monitoring agents on my Azure infrastructure.

Microsoft reporting does not account for individual systems performance, only the overall clouds performance.  Our agents work great on cloud applications and let you see if you are getting the performance and stability you are expecting.  If you are not, our engineers can get support from Microsoft by skipping the Tier 1 call center and expediting escalation.

How do I install the Monitoring Agents?

Unzip the agents on the target server.  Run the setup.bat file and click through the wizard.  There is no configuration required.  Our servers will acknowledge the agent within minutes and start collecting data.  See our step by step instructions here

How do I know these are safe?

We utilize Solarwinds technology.  The agents are built and designed by their amazing software team.  

My agent is not connecting to my portal

Check this article and then contact us

How long does it take to set up the PAM agents and why is there a delay?

PAM agents are setup the next business day during your free trial.  Specific applications like Active Directory and Exchange have different processes that need to be checked to ensure accurate reporting.  

When is my portal access available?

User accounts provision every day and you will be notified via email as soon as its online.

Is the traffic and data secure?

All traffic is 2048 bit TLS encrypted traffic.  All of it.  The portal server is also completely SSL encrypted. Our local storage disks and cloud servers are encrypted as well. 

Do I need to open any ports?

All traffic is on port 17778. Most organizations allow outbound HTTPS traffic but your network may have specific policies. If so, check with the network admin.  If you have issues connecting the first thing to check is the local firewall.

When is your maintenance window?

We reserve 2-3am Eastern time for agent and software maintenance.  However, there is no outage of services or monitoring.