Informed customers can be proactive and complete projects to move their business forward while others are constantly battling outages and putting out fires.  Our Proactive Monitoring services affordably provide you with critical insight into your IT operations locally or in the cloud so you can resolve issues before the help desk phones start ringing.  We provide expert support and Proactive Monitoring for VMware and all Microsoft infrastructure, either locally or hosted in Azure.

Installation only takes minutes and data collection begins immediately.  You don't need a server setup at your site.

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Proactive Monitor Lite

Free for 60 days!

  • Solarwinds proven CPU\Memory\System Disk monitoring
  • Instant alerts if the system goes offline or service degrades
  • Access to the Orion Portal
  • Data retention for 3 days
  • Immediate data collection
  • System trending and planning data


Proactive Application Monitoring


  • Get the power of  Solarwinds AppInsight
  • Deep reporting on an installation of VMware, SQL, Exchange or Active Directory
  • Unlimited reports and notifications
  • Details on every aspect of the monitored application
  • User Experience Modeling
  • Real time Health reports of applications like Active Directory, Exchange and SQL. 
  • Real-time Portal Access via Orion so you can see status as needed
  • Real-time trending and planning data for strategic planning
  • Data retention for 3 years! 
  • Support from VEI as a virtual team
  • Assistance with planning and upgrades
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Proven Performance with Solarwinds

We monitor the performance of each server, including memory, CPU utilization and storage.  If there is an outage or decrease in performance (such as a full hard drive or spike in CPU use) we notify you immediately and make our support team aware of the issue.  We also track the performance and provide historical graphs and logs, plus weekly reports.  This affordable service offering gives an organization a good general picture of their server health and historical records can be crucial in budgetary planning and expenditure justification.  

System monitoring has optional Comprehensive Incident Response which frees up your IT staff from daily firefighting.We also provide this service for your mission critical desktop systems at a reduced price.

Proactive Application Monitoring

Application performance is not always directly tied to system hardware performance.  For example, Exchange servers will always have high memory utilization without incurring a performance penalty.  Conversely, they can grind to a halt under a heavy spam load without spiking CPU utilization.  Active Directory can experience replication errors due to network issues which are outside the server but that directly impact your users ability to logon.  The intelligent agents in PAM monitor the internal performance of the application independent of the server's general performance.  You can see a potential issue before it gets out of control.  Combined with User Experience Modeling, this allows us to provide a constant health check for your critical applications and historical data for planning and incident response.


Proactive Monitoring


Comprehensive Incident Response (CIR) 


PAM Lite




Best for

Trial System Monitoring 

Complement IT Staff, Free up IT resources

Complete Management of IT resources

Customer Server Status Portal

24x7x365 Server Status Insight via Solarwinds

24x7 Issue Ticketing System


No onsite server required

CPU/Memory Monitoring of all systems

Application Health Monitoring of select systems

Multiple Portal Accounts


Monthly Summary Report


Email Alerts for outages


Email Alerts for system performance problems


Monitored Volumes per server




System Performance Data Retention

 3 days  2 Years

2 Years

5 years

End User Experience Modeling


Volume and Disk growth forecasting


Vmware Performance monitoring


AppInsight for Exchange available


AppInsight for SQL available


AppInsight for Active Directory available


Reduced T&M project rates



Additionally Reduced

Remote Technical Support Software


Issue Management and Escalation


3rd Party and Vendor Coordination




Capacity Planning


Troubleshooting and Resolution




Patching of Windows Servers




Adds, Moves, Change Requests



Included x2

Dedicated Support Engineer


Active Directory Support


Monthly in-person review of system performance



Free for 60 Days


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Comprehensive Incident Response

Incidents happen.  VEI responds to incidents directly and often resolves them without the need to distract or involve IT staff.  When the client’s involvement is needed, we provide action steps and support you through the resolution.  Since our staff is experienced and certified with the entire Microsoft infrastructure stack (AD, Exchange, DNS, DHCP, WINS, Hyper-V etc.) we work with you through the entire resolution.   Since we are your partner, we don't just forward over alerts like other providers. 

User Experience Modeling

The user experience is often the real world metric of IT success or failure.  We don't just monitor system performance but intelligently model the experience of end users in real time.  This allows VEI to forecast a potential issue before you get help desk calls.  We can resolve the issue directly via our Comprehensive Incident Response or alert you to an impending issue so they you manage your user community effectively.

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